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What we’re reading

What we’re reading
Summary: We share some of the interesting things we've been reading about digital recently - blogs, articles and books.

There’s an incredible amount of content out there on the internet, so this week I thought I’d share some of the interesting things we’ve been reading recently about digital written by other people.


LinkedIn banner

This week on LinkedIn, I found an interesting article on Social Selling. Richard Van de Blom introduces his research on the LinkedIn algorithm, which he updates annually. The article tells you about the trends you need to be aware of as well as giving tips on extending your reach.All you need to know about the LinkedIn algorithm


Think Google Privacy

Think Google’s newsletter and blog always offers interesting insights into an enormous variety of digital topics. This week, they focus on the impact of recent privacy changes on advertising. The article is based on feedback from over 7,000 Europeans and talks about ways to build trust to encourage customers to be comfortable about sharing their data.

Think Google - Privacy and Ads


Competitive Analysis

As part of the global WSI network, we have access to some of the best Digital Minds in the world. Our “Home Office” in Canada produce regular Seminars, Blogs and Webinars to help their ICs (Internet Consultants – like us) to stay completely up to date, plus they also share tips on promoting your digital presence for our clients in their Blog. The most recent client Blog is all about how to conduct Competitive Analysis in a digital world.

Catch your competition


Digital Minds

The WSI network is now on it’s 3rd edition of “Digital Minds”. Each chapter of Digital Minds is written by a different WSI IC, and covers topics ranging from market analysis, through to converting site visitors into leads, to customer loyalty strategies.

It’s available to buy on Amazon (but be careful you do get the latest edition), or you can download it for FREE from the WSI website.

Get Digital Minds for Free


Resurrecting Retail and Born in China book covers

Both Peter and I have backgrounds in Retail, so the current flux in the Retail industry is close to our hearts. I’m a member of Retail Outside In, who run webinars featuring some incredible retail minds – including 2 recent “in conversations” with the Retail Futurists Doug Stephens and Michael Zakkour. I devoured both of their latest books – if you are concerned about the state of Retail, you should too! The links take you to The Book Depository site, where you can see these and other books written by these inspirational thought leaders.

Link to The Book Depository links to The Book Depository


There are millions of resources available to marketers – both on & offline, so if you want some help in filtering the noise down to the latest most relevant news, sign up for our newsletter and follow us on facebook.
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