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What is Video Marketing and How Can It Help Generate Sales?

What is Video Marketing and How Can It Help Generate Sales?
Summary: How to get the best out of your marketing messaging by using video content

Why Video?

According to a recent WSIWorld webinar poll, only 5% of respondents are confident that they are leveraging video across their business. When you take a look at the stats below, you can see why video marketing should be an important element of your digital marketing strategy.

  • YouTube has over  2 billion users and represents almost one-third of internet traffic
  • YouTube usage varies by generation  from 44% for Baby Boomers to 77% for Gen Zers
  • 70% of Instagrammers watch videos every day
  • Videos on Social Media are shared 12 times more than text and image content combined
  • Facebook Live is now topping 1.25 billion monthly users


What to consider when deciding to create video


1. Don’t get wooed by the idea of creating the latest blockbuster movie

It’s important to remember that video is simply another content marketing strategy. You wouldn’t commission an advertising campaign without considering your strategy, who you were targeting, what your goals are and your ROI, so why would you dive into video creation without these in place? Make sure you are creating video for the right reasons, targeted at the right people, in the right channels at the right budget for your business.


2. Poor Preparation leads to Poor Performance, so plan your video

Typically :

    1. Tell a story.
    2. Pose a problem.
    3. State a solution.
    4. Show examples.
    5. Call to action.


3. Let your customers in on the act

People love to see what other people say about you before they make up their minds about doing business with you. Here’s a good example from a WSI advocate :



4. Still worried that it will be too complicated or expensive?

We partner with a number of video producers for a professional finish – thanks to recent technology, they offer more affordable options than big productions that need professional sets, lighting, camera crews, and actors. If, however, you want to go it alone you can.

Here are some video tools we recommend that you check out:

  • BIGVU has a built-in teleprompter to keep you on track for a professional recording.
  • Loom is great for commentary over a report going to a client
  • Vidyard which includes a LinkedIn integration

And some basic equipment you need to get started:

  • Webcam (or even a smartphone)
  • Tripod
  • Microphone
  • Portable green screen
  • Lighting


5. How long should your video be?

Clearly will this depend on what you are trying to achieve, but broadly, the answer is the shorter the better.

The consensus amongst video marketers is that a video is ideally 6-8 minutes long. For an instructional video, 20 minutes is considered the maximum length, and for a little tutorial video, keep it under 5 minutes. For product or service reviews, under 3 minutes is the considered best practise.

For Social Media, the best performing video length on Facebook is between 2-5 minutes, and on TikTok, it’s just 9-15 seconds!


Our recipe for video success

  1. Plan your video carefully
  2. Grab attention with a killer intro (you have 5 seconds!)
  3. Avoid fluff – get to your point quickly
  4. Test your video length (create 2 or 3 & see which performs the best)
  5. Repeat – if your audience sees you regularly, they’ll remember you



What’s Next?

If you want to elevate your online brand and improve your overall marketing ROI through video, why not contact us for a chat about what you’d like to achieve.


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