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Still Stuck – here’s some Content Marketing Ideas

Still Stuck – here’s some Content Marketing Ideas
Summary: If you are stuck for ideas - here are a few ideas to create engaging and relevant content for your customers that fits with your content strategy.

We talked in a previous blog about the key elements of Content marketing – that’s all good if you are full of ideas, but if you are a bit stuck, there are many things you can try. Here are a few tips to get the creative process working.

No more To Do lists – Create a list of things to avoid

Instead of posting a list of to-dos (you probably have several already) try posting a negative list – all the things your customers absolutely should NOT do.

Question of the week

Have a look at the questions your customers have asked in the last week or two and you are sure to find some ideas for your content marketing. If one customer has asked a question, chances are that many others are wondering the same thing, making it a great topic for a blog or post.

Snap your “Behind The Scenes” moments

Why not let your customers see who is behind your brand and products? Take a few selfies of the team or a quick video showing a bit of activity on your shop floor.

Speak to industry experts

Not enough content marketers are harnessing the power of the old-fashioned expert interview, yet this can make for posts that are both effective and easy to generate. You could post it as a simple Q and A, or even as video or audio content.


Video Ideas

Video is a great solution if you want content that will grab and hold your audience’s attention. Not everyone will read a blog post, but almost everybody will spend a few moments watching a video.

Here are some ideas you can use to build your video content.

Use Video to give a sneak peek

Just like posting images of your team at work or celebrating success works well to draw attention to your business try posting a quick video of some quirky or interesting part of your business to build engagement and appreciation with your customers.

Make it fun with a video

You may not think your product has movie-star quality – you can talk up the quality or value of your product but making it appear fun and fascinating is another matter. Video marketing gives you the opportunity to do just that. It will take a little creativity and out-the-box thinking, but once you hit the mark, great video brings your product to life.

Don’t just ‘show’ content to your audience – immerse them in it

Any use of media should aim to be immersive – make them feel part of what you do, so create content that draws them in. Strong video content that is geared towards generating customer engagement will go a long way towards growing and maintaining your audience.


Social Media Ideas

Find out how your audience thinks and speaks – and reach them on a personal level

Audiences will respond well to brands and communications that seem to be talking to them directly. It is very important to know how your audience thinks and tailor your posts to read as if each one is aimed at the reader directly.

Aim to make your reader feel – not think

Targeting your audience directly involves more than just speaking about the benefits of your product. You need to make readers feel something if you want to keep their attention. Plays on words are an important part of marketing content, but plays on emotions are even more important.

Bring your brand to life

Mascots have always been an important part of marketing – and there’s a reason for that: it makes your brand memorable and more engaging – it gives it life and personality. Think about creating a fun brand representative that your audience can watch and interact with. It will go a long way towards building brand engagement and loyalty.

To wrap up, we hope this all helps get the ideas going – if you want a bit of help then reach out to us!

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