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How to write great Web Page Titles

How to write great Web Page Titles
Summary: Find out how to write a web page title that Google likes and that Users click on

What is a web page title?

A web page title is a short description of an individual website page.

It tells Search Engines (like Google) what the page content is all about, and is the first thing that is screened by Artificial Intelligence when Google etc are deciding whether a web page is relevant to a user search.

The page title isn’t normally visible on your website, but it is the copy that comes up in Google when a page is matched to a user search – as an example, the title for our WSI Digital Advisors Home Page is “WSI | Digital Advisors | Digital Marketing Services”, so this is what you see what you see when you search for us in Google :

WSI Digital Advisors Web Page Title


Why is your web page title important?

A compelling, clear, accurate and descriptive title will get you more visits to your site.

Strong use of well researched, relevant keywords, and concise, natural, action orientated language in your title will give your web page the boost it needs to become more visible to searchers.

Each web page needs its own unique title for Google to understand each page topic, and how any one page is different from another.


What are the key elements of a great Web Page Title?



Your title must describe the topic covered on the page.

Google’s AI reads the title, and then assesses if the subject matter supports the title, and whether that page content is relevant to the overall site – if it’s happy, the site and page will receive a higher authority score.


People scan read – make your Web Page Title as impactful as possible.

Look at what else comes up in search and decide how you can come across better than your competitors. Not only will it be easier for your user to digest, Google rewards short, punchy titles too.

Remove any “stop words” – Words like The, But, We, And etc offer no value to someone making a search.


Different screen sizes cut off title copy at different points. If you keep within 60 characters, your whole title will be readable on any device.


You don’t have much room, so don’t duplicate words or phrases.

If you duplicate keywords (your search target phrases), that can be seen as “keyword stuffing” and you will be marked down for it by the Search Engines.


Google weights the first words in a Web Page Title more highly than the later words. Get those important keywords in early!


Don’t forget that your Title is the first thing that comes up in a Google Search, so make sure that your keywords aren’t just thrown in there for good measure! Use natural language so that your customers understand what you do immediately as they scan their search results.


You want your readers to click through, so avoid :

  • Long lists (e.g of all of your services)
  • Jargon
  • Unqualified Fluff (e.g. Best, Winning, Experienced)


You want to encourage your reader to click through to your site, so use “active” words to encourage them. Consider phrases like “Learn X”, “Buy X”, “Avoid X”, “Listen to X”.

Avoid click-baity language – no-one likes it.


Our 8 tips for writing a great web page title

  1. Be relevant – describe what’s on the page
  2. Don’t waffle – 5-12 concise words
  3. Maximum 60 characters
  4. Use each word only once – don’t duplicate
  5. Use high priority words first in the sentence
  6. Use keyword phrases in a natural way
  7. User first language – you want your customers to click through!
  8. Use active words



Web page titles are one very small, but very important element of SEO.

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