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How to combine your SEO and PPC strategies

How to combine your SEO and PPC strategies
Summary: It would be great if you could use the learning from your Paid Search campaigns to inform your organic SEO strategy wouldn’t it? Well, you can…

It’s true that Google’s E-A-T organic search algorithm is completely separate from it’s Paid Search algorithm. However, you can combine insights from both to create broader site traffic driving strategies.


Typical PPC and SEO set-up

We all know that you need to take action to drive traffic for your site – whether you focus on SEO or PPC will broadly depend on how quickly you need to see results. SEO offers great value over the longer term, whilst PPC generates quicker results from search, social or display ads. As the technical set-up is quite different, businesses who use both frequently, tend to handle them separately.

As an agency that offers both services to our clients, we quickly realised that encouraging the 2 marketing channels to collaborate, offers synergies that both can benefit from.



Both PPC and SEO are based around keywords, however, there are some differences to be aware of as you analyse your data :

  • PPC focuses on Buyer intent / conversion, whereas SEO is broadly about generating traffic
  • PPC cost money every time someone clicks, so you need to keep a close eye on spend and ROI

This means :

  • PPC keywords tend to have lower sales funnel (decision stage) commercial intent, whereas SEO keywords tend to be more mid-funnel (interest stage) search related


How PPC helps your SEO

PPC gives you early insight into what users are searching for, which keywords drive conversions, and which content topics work hard for your business. You can then use these insights to create great SEO friendly content, and to optimise your site.

As the intent for Paid Search is higher, when it is set up well, PPC takes your target audience directly to the relevant content (usually a landing page), leading to lower bounce rates and longer time on site. Google recognises these as indications that your site is helpful.

Also, take the time to check out the terms your competitors are bidding on – if they are achieving ROI from them, you may want to add these phrases to your keyword research!

The combined effort will drive your organic traffic.


How SEO helps your PPC

If you think of page 1 of Google as prime real estate, you want to occupy as much of that space as possible. Coming up for the same key terms for both PPC and Organic search builds instant trust that you are a genuine and credible business.

Sometimes people mistrust ads, and skip to the organic searches. Sometimes people are looking for someone local, so will check out a map view which is built on Google business profiles. Other times people scan down, and then simply choose the company at the top of the list as the most credible.

If you were searching for Digital Advisors and you got these search results, would you look any further?

SERPS results page for WSI Digital Advisors


The combined effect of PPC and SEO

A recent piece of Google research demonstrated that when ads are paused, around 89% of traffic generated by the ad is not replaced by organic rankings. Their out-take is that by using PPC, you are accessing traffic that organic search may be missing.

Also, when your website is ranking well based on your SEO efforts, PPC remarketing is a great tool to bring browsers back to you. For example, if someone is shopping for a new scarf on your website, but doesn’t purchase, a remarketing ad will show them the scarf they were looking at a later time to nudge them to come back and complete the purchase.


Smart decision making by combining insights from PPC and SEO

The following KPIs are common across SEO and PPC :

  • Click through rate
  • Bounce rate
  • Time on site
  • Conversion rate

Using these data points across both SEO and PPC can inform which keywords are most effective in generating sales, which are generating traffic, and which are generating interest in your content.



Budget allowing, try not to think about SEO or PPC, consider how a combined effort will give you better insights and a stronger online street-shout.

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