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Great content creation using AI

Great content creation using AI
Summary: AI content creation tools offer a powerful advantage, allowing you to scale your content production without sacrificing quality.

For business owners, AI content creation tools offer a powerful advantage, allowing you to scale your content production without sacrificing quality. In this post we take a look at how AI is reshaping content creation in 2024, focusing on enhancing efficiency, boosting SEO, and addressing common content challenges. To help inspire you to explore what’s out there, we’ve also created a list of top AI content creation tools designed to streamline your content creation process.


How can AI improve the speed and efficiency of content creation?

AI significantly accelerates content production by automating routine tasks. This includes generating initial frameworks and drafts for blog posts, scripting videos, and designing basic graphics. This automation allows creators to focus on the more creative tasks in the process. AI video editing tools, for instance, can swiftly stitch clips together according to predefined rules, significantly cutting down the manual labour involved. This not only speeds up the process but also enhances the overall efficiency of content creation.


Can AI help overcome writer’s block?

AI acts as a dynamic brainstorming partner, offering content ideas, generating outlines, or providing prompts that can kickstart the writing process. By producing various thematic variations or expanding on given bullet points, AI tools give writers a solid foundation to develop their content, effectively helping to overcome writer’s block.


What are the SEO benefits of using AI in content creation?

AI can boost SEO by assisting you in analysing extensive data to recommend keywords, giving you ideas for meta descriptions, and helping you to structure content to appeal to search engines. AI content optimizers, e.g. WordPress AIOSEO, provide real-time suggestions to propose content updates that are both user-friendly and aligned with Google’s guidelines, enhancing your visibility and ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Don’t forget, always write for your reader first, and use tools like this to refine your copy for search.


How does AI ensure content quality and maintain brand voice?

AI tools are increasingly skilled at learning and applying brand guidelines, such as tone, voice, style, and formatting. Advanced AI systems can be trained to emulate writing styles or acting as copywriters for specific audience or industries ensuring consistency across all content types. This capability is crucial for maintaining a consistent brand voice and ensuring high content quality across platforms. However, the copy generated does still need reviewing, and some degree of brand personalisation is still generally required at this stage.


How can AI tailor content for diverse audiences?

AI excels in personalising content at scale by analysing user data like past behaviour, location, and preferences. It tailors messages, recommends products, and adjusts content to fit the cultural nuances of different audience segments. This capability is particularly useful in marketing campaigns, where personalisation can significantly boost engagement and conversion rates.


What are the risks of using AI in content creation?

Using AI in content creation comes with risks such as the potential for producing generic content, inaccuracies, and a lack of depth or authentic personality. AI might generate overly formulaic content or miss nuanced arguments. Moreover, there is a risk that AI might inadvertently create content that closely mirrors existing material, which could lead to plagiarism issues. You should always check, validate and personalise any content generated by AI. See our previous blog on AI best practise for tips for your AI policy.


Can AI create emotional or humour-driven content?

While AI can attempt to generate content with emotional undertones or humour, these areas still present challenges. The success of AI in these fields depends largely on the sophistication of the model and the data it has been trained on. AI-generated humour or emotional content may lack the subtlety and context that human creators naturally bring.


Leading AI content creation tools

Whether you’re looking to create engaging visuals, enhance video content, or produce high-quality audio, our recommendations are designed to help you effectively and efficiently leverage image, video, and voice AI tools. Here are our top picks:

  • ChatGPT 4o, Jasper, Perplexity and Gemini : Ideal for creating content across multiple channels.
  • Writesonic: Known for its SEO capabilities and integration with platforms like WordPress and LinkedIn.
  • Dall-E (now integrated with ChatGPT) and Midjourney : for AI image generation
  • Podcastle: Streamlines podcast creation and audio editing.
  • Canva: Facilitates AI-generated images from text prompts.
  • Synthesia: Transforms scripts into engaging video content.
  • Murf: Converts text into natural-sounding voice-overs.
  • Runaway and HaiperAI: Creates videos based on text prompts
  • ElevenLabs : Currently a voice AI tool, but watch this space for their hotly anticipated AI music generator



AI tools are transforming the way content is created, offering speed, efficiency, and customisation that were previously unattainable. For small business owners looking to stay competitive in the digital arena, embracing AI content creation tools is becoming essential.

At WSI Digital Advisors, our AI experts are equipped to guide you through the complexities of leveraging AI for more than just content creation. Read more about how our AI consulting services can transform your digital marketing efforts at WSI Digital Advisors AI Consulting.

 If you want to read more about how SMEs are using AI in their businesses, check out our previous blog to get some insights!


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