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Are your customers getting engaged?

Are your customers getting engaged?
Summary: Our Guide to Understanding Engagement in Google Analytics 4

Universal Analytics has been a staple in web analytics for over two decades, so 2020 was time for an upgrade. Enter Google Analytics 4 (GA4), crafted for our multi-channel digital world. Since June 2023, GA4 has taken the mantle as Google’s premier analytics tool. This transition marks a significant shift in web analytics, especially in how we measure and understand user engagement.

The Evolution of Analytics: From Traffic to Engagement

In the Universal Analytics era, the spotlight was on website traffic. GA4, however, broadens this perspective by offering a deeper dive into user interactions and behaviour. The introduction of the ‘engagement rate’ metric is a key aspect of this shift. By measuring the percentage of engaged sessions on a website, it delves deeper than traditional metrics like bounce rate and site clicks, painting a more detailed picture of user behaviour.

How GA4 Defines User Sessions

GA4 brings a fresh approach to session tracking. A session kicks off as soon as a user lands on your site and continues, irrespective of its length, with a standard timeout set at 30 minutes of inactivity. This is a departure from Universal Analytics, where sessions could end due to various reasons. While this new method may show fewer total sessions, it offers a truer representation of user engagement.

What is an Engaged Session in GA4?

Engaged sessions in GA4 are identified when a user spends over 10 seconds on your site, browses two or more pages, or undertakes a conversion event. This criteria for engagement is a more accurate measure of what constitutes a meaningful site visit.

Why Engagement Metrics Matter

Understanding your audience is crucial in today’s competitive market. As McKinsey & Company points out, most consumers anticipate personalised interactions and feel let down if this is missing. GA4 steps in with deeper insights for each session, enabling businesses to better understand and meet their audience’s needs.

From Bounce Rate to Engagement Rate

Previously, bounce rate was used to reflect brief, non-interactive site visits. GA4 replaces this with the engagement rate, offering a richer view of user behaviour and recognising even short interactions as engagement.

Key Engagement Metrics in GA4

GA4 provides various metrics to gain insights into customer experience:

  • Total Users: Counts unique site visitors, shedding light on your site’s reach and growth.
  • Active Users: Tracks visitors who actively engage with your site, highlighting potential customers.
  • Pageviews: Tallies how often a page is viewed, indicating popular content.
  • Sessions Per User: Calculates the average session count per visitor, a strong loyalty and trust indicator.
  • Engagement Rate: Shows the percentage of engaged sessions, a direct measure of user interaction.
  • Average Engagement Time: The mean time spent by users engaging with your site, offering deeper behavioural insights.
  • Conversion Rate: The frequency of desired actions completed by visitors, indicating site effectiveness.

Accessing Engagement Metrics in GA4

GA4’s user-friendly interface makes accessing engagement metrics straightforward:

  1. Open GA4 and select “Acquisition” from the “Reports” section.
  2. Choose “User acquisition” to view an overview of engagement, events, conversions, and more.

Custom reports can be tailored to include specific insights as needed.

Enhancing Engagement

To boost engagement using GA4’s insights, focus on integrating high-quality content, employing audio-visual media, and customising messaging for your audience. These strategies, combined with monitoring and responding to GA4’s metrics, can significantly enhance your digital presence.


Google Analytics 4 represents a major leap in web analytics, emphasising the importance of understanding user engagement. Its comprehensive metrics provide deeper insights into user behaviour, empowering businesses to fine-tune their strategies for optimal impact.

For more information about setting up GA4, download our free GA4 set-up checklist.

If you want to know more about harnessing the data in your GA4 to win more leads or sales from your website, contact us for a no commitment chat.


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