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Digital Recycling

Digital Recycling
Summary: 10 tips to help you repurpose your pre-loved content

Do you sometimes think that the blogs you have already written are better than the new idea that is forming in your head? You may be absolutely right.

Repurposing your content allows you to breathe new life into your previous good work so that it works harder for your SEO.


What is content repurposing?

A good blog post is written with a specific intent and audience in mind. As time moves on, so does your customer, and blog content can become stale or out of date. Maybe a blog needs re-writing or additions made to bring it up to date.

Similarly, you may find that you gain a new audience, who engages in content in a different way – maybe a text blog could be interpreted into an infographic, or even a podcast or video?

Repurposing content is about recycling your existing content to add more value for the client you are currently talking to.


Why should you repurpose content?

  • You can get an SEO boost by applying your latest keyword research to your blog.
  • You can reach a new audience – reformatting your content into different formats extends your appeal.
  • You are re-presenting your best content, so you have a great opportunity to build your authority and relevancy on a topics that you know about.
  • You’ve already done most of the homework, so it’s a quick solution when you are tight for time.


Which content should you repurpose?

  • Identify your “evergreen content” – content that continues to be valuable over time. (i.e. it wasn’t a moment in time piece.
  • Find your most popular content. Have a dig around in your Google Analytics to find which blogs attracted the most attention first time around.
  • Which content looks tired? If an out dated format is referenced, or the images used are no longer relevant, bring that blog up to date with a new make-over.
  • Which content provoked the most response? See what your readers said and where they asked for more.


10 tips for repurposing your content

  1.  Refresh and Republish – tweak existing content so that it works for a new audience or goal.
  2.  Guest blogs – consider a blog exchange with someone who services your customers with a complimentary product. Double bonus in that this wins you a backlink too!
  3.  Where a slideshow or blog has a straightforward message (e.g. “top 10”), show it as an infographic – you can use this across multiple platforms.
  4.  If you have covered a topic a number of times from different perspectives in your blogs, pull them together as “A Complete Guide to”
  5.  Convert your best blog content into a dynamic format. This could be a webinar, podcast or video.
  6.  Convert your best webinars into video tutorials. Google loves YouTube!
  7.  If you use interviews for your Blogs, seek out common threads and combine them into an EBook as Expert Advice.
  8.  Post interesting statistics from your blogs on Twitter.
  9.  Take your internal data and turn it into Case Studies.
  10.  Feature tips from your blogs in your newsletter as a teaser to get people to click to your site.



Sometimes revisiting your pre-loved content is a better answer than creating something new, so don’t be afraid to re-use it! You can repurpose for a new audience, as a summary to build authority, or for social media to extend your reach.

If you want to know more about repurposing content, here is some further reading for you :

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Buffer Repurposing Content Guide

If we’ve piqued your interest and you’d like a chat about your content marketing, please just contact us.

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