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Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends

Content Marketing Trends

SEO and all the associated content marketing can seem very complicated, especially when you dig down into the reasons behind everything as there are so many factors affecting your rankings.

BUT… whatever you do, DON’T forget that your customers will be reading or viewing whatever it is that you produce, so don’t get bound up in trying to game the system technically – focus front and centre on producing the best, most relevant and most readable content you can.

Make sure you follow these three basic elements in your content plan, and you won’t go far wrong!


Video, Images or Infographics – these are solidly on trend in 2021 and will only continue to grow as Instagram, TikTok and Snapchat grow market share towards YouTube and dominate the way content is consumed on your customer’s phone or other device.

If your content strategy doesn’t stretch to video, you are missing some fantastic ways to reach your customer.

Video allows you to demonstrate products, features or ideas in an easily understood way which, after all, is what you need to do to drive your bottom line, and can be utilised in multiple locations and in a multitude of ways.

Plus, Video content on your website, Youtube or elsewhere can be enriched with structured data to allow your content to be more readily found through search.



Content needs, above all, to be meaningful and relevant to the reader

Brands need to provide a much greater level of content with depth and accuracy, especially as brands seek to compete with a deeper ethical and purposeful element to their brand position.

Whilst it is easy to recruit a writer, but a good copywriter who can create fresh stories for your brand are more difficult to find – your customers and the search engines will notice if you just recycle the same old stories and content, there needs to be ideas and concepts that grab the customer’s attention due to being meaningful and relevant to the reader.

You need to speak directly to the challenges that your ideal customer faces and help them solve these challenges – in turn, you become the go-to person for their business. There are a few things you need to do to achieve this.

What has been clear in the last year, during the covid era, is that the need for information that is relevant and timely is hugely important as the narrative shifts and your audience needs change.

Make sure your content is

  • Tailored to your customers needs and wants
  • well written, and in your tone of voice
  • Authoritative and relevant



The search engines want to deliver relevant content to their customers, and Google has always been very clear that a key way it ranks content is by examining it to demonstrate

  • Expertise
  • Authority
  • Trustworthiness

or E-A-T.

Google are very clear that these will become more not less important going forward to ensure the Google user is getting valuable and relevant information. To demonstrate E-A-T, you need to provide accurate and current content that also:

  • Makes sure you link to trustworthy sites that support your data and any statistics you’ve used to support your points
  • Gets links into your content from other websites are gold dust for Google rankings! Earn them with great content.
  • Makes sure to give credit where credit is due – so include short biographies for your writers or contributors that include their credentials.

Happy Writing, and remember if you want to discuss anything regarding this, you can reach out to us at WSI Digital Advisors here in the UK!


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