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A festive poem from WSI Digital Advisors

A festive poem from WSI Digital Advisors

Some digital marketing festive fun!🎄🌟🎅🏽


In the world of digital, so vast and bright,
Where keywords dance like stars at night,
Mobile websites lead the way,
Where apps and augmented reality play.

A mobile wallet, sleek and fine,
Social media, where influencers shine.
Facebook, Instagram, all in a row,
LinkedIn and YouTube, where ideas grow.

Social posting, spreads far and wide,
Community management, with pride we guide.
Reputation’s managed with utmost care,                                                                                                                                                          In this digital realm, beyond compare.

Pay per click in Santa’s sleigh,
Targeting campaigns both night and day.                                                                                                                                                       Landing pages, where deals will meet,
Testing and managing, a festive feat.

Video ads like Christmas lights,
Display ads in snowy nights.
Google Ads, retargeting too,
Facebook and LinkedIn Ads, a merry crew.

In video marketing, stories are told,
QR codes, like ornaments bold.
Geo-targeting, guiding the way,
Like Rudolph’s nose, bright as day.

Call tracking whispers, soft as snow,
SEO‘s magic makes traffic flow.
Keywords analysed, linking with glee,
On-page content, engaging as can be.

Online directories, reviews so bright,
Local SEO, in the winter night.
Voice search calls, like carollers sing,
Backlinks and rankings, let the sleigh bells ring.

Content marketing, a yuletide tale,
Calendar full, like a snowy trail.
Blogs and content, curated with cheer,
Press releases, case studies, so dear.

Chatbots chatter like elves so small,
Inbound marketing, to enthral us all.
Websites twinkle, conversions rise,
User experience, a festive surprise.

Hosting and security, safe and sound,
Outbound marketing, going round and round.
Emails like Christmas cards, sent with love,
CRM systems, fitting like a glove.

Artificial intelligence, so bright and wise,
Lead tracking, under winter skies.
Data privacy, a gift so dear,
Email segmentation, spreading cheer.

Analytics sparkle, KPIs glow,
Testing strategies in the snow.
Reports and dashboards, insights so keen,
Social listening, in the festive scene.

Google Analytics, tracking with care,
Social insights, a gift to share.
Campaigns are tracked, with precision and might,
Google Tag Manager, in the silent night.

UTM tracking with precision’s embrace,
Competitor research, for the festive race.
Persona development, merry and bright,
Digital strategy, a guiding light.

In this digital world, so bright and grand,
Christmas brings joy to every land.
Marketing tactics, like stars above,
Bring us together, in peace and love.

So let’s celebrate this season so dear,
With digital marketing, spreading cheer.
Merry Christmas to all, in the digital night,
May your campaigns be merry and bright! 🎄🌟🎅🏽

Peter and Nicky

WSI Digital Advisors

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