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5 tips for finding a great digital marketing agency

5 tips for finding a great digital marketing agency
Summary: How do I find a Digital Marketing agency that is right for my business?

What should I look for in an agency

Responsiveness – how quickly do they respond to your initial enquiry – if they don’t respond when they want your business, how quickly will they come back when they have it?

Are they Full Service or Specialist – There are arguments both ways, but full service has distinct advantages, from planning to execution there will be one point of contact and no duplication or finger pointing.

Reputation and References – do your homework, then ask for references. Check out the leaders on LinkedIn – what does their background tell you?

Do they push back? – It’s important that an agency knows how to listen, then push back, and tell you something other than what you want to hear. Offering alternative goals and strategies is perfectly legitimate – IF the ROI is compelling.

Be careful of guarantees – whilst its attractive to hear that a SEO campaign is “guaranteed” that’s not realistic or honest – if it is too good to be true then it probably is!

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