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10 Blockers to Advertising Greatness – Part 4

10 Blockers to Advertising Greatness – Part 4
Summary: Wrapping up our 4 part series on the top issues confronting online advertisers. Find out the top issues and what you can do to address them ....

Achieve Online Advertising Greatness

(Part 4 of 4)


Concluding the 10 Blockers to Advertising Greatness series

Wrapping up the series with our last 2 blockers. Previously we have looked at …

Advertising but not marketing, and not knowing your ROI

We then moved on to

Not watching the competition, lack of innovations and the wrong team

And most recently

Micromanagement, the wrong strategy and fear of failure


Blocker #9 – You’ve Got Bureaucracy

If you have more than ten people in your business this is a fact rather than a suggestion.

Bureaucracy causes delays, in-fighting, loss of money or opportunity and more.

As it relates to PPC,

  • Do three people really need to input on ad creative?
  • Should it take four weeks to pay a vendor?
  • Does it really take eight forms and escalation requests to get a tracking code installed on your site?

Do you have people playing games, seeking to undermine other teams and efforts?

Are people manipulating results to make themselves look good?

These examples of how a business can get in its own way through politics, red tape, posturing and power battles ultimately grind the success of your PPC campaigns to a halt.

PPC campaigns are fast-moving, living things. They require nimble movement and adaptability, often causing the largest of businesses the greatest challenges in this regard.

We don’t have a solution for bureaucracy, other than to encourage you not to accept or allow it to impact and impede your business to the best of your ability.

Challenge yourself!


Blocker #10 – You’re Not Auditing Yourself

The majority of businesses we encounter do not have a regular auditing schedule for their PPC campaigns or indeed any of their marketing activity.

Even if you master each of the nine blockers so far, you must regularly audit your advertising activities to ensure you are not missing things due to confirmation bias, complacency or plain old fatigue.

Even the best experts in the world make mistakes and miss things.


Have a fresh pair of eyes evaluate your advertising activities every so often.

In doing so you’ll identify mistakes and opportunities to further improve your results.


Wrapping Up

So to wrap up, there you have it, a simplified whip-through of the ten blockers to advertising greatness.

How many of these blocks do you relate to, and are you taking ownership of solving them?

We sincerely hope so – we believe that suffering from these blockers to date is not your fault – perhaps you inherited the situation, were misled or had other priorities, but now that we’ve put this on your radar, the onus is with you to course-correct and make some decisions.

We wish every business on the planet success and happiness, in general and with their advertising efforts.


Thank you for reading a little bit about us :

WSI Paid Search is a close-knit group of hard-working and fun-loving humans mostly based in Toronto.

We don’t take ourselves too seriously, but we know that our work is serious.

Our purpose is to help people and our niche is PPC.

Our values that we live and breathe by are; candour, teamwork, running it like we own it, dependability and being problem-solving experts.

We’re an education-first agency with no expectations of anyone but ourselves, proudly full-house in-house with no traps or tricks.

We have hundreds of clients and pride ourselves in making every client feel like our only client. We’ll never leave you hanging, ignore you, be rude, or unavailable. We’ll be proactive, we’ll be reactive and we’ll work within a structure that works for both your team and ours.


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