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Do you need more online leads or sales?

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Nicky and Peter McKenna

We apply our business expertise to help you make more money online

Discover Our Full Suite Of Digital Marketing Services

WSI Digital Advisors find great value solutions to your digital marketing problems

We don’t believe in the “one-size-fits-all” approach to digital marketing – every brand and every business is different.

We use our online commercial experience supported by the technical expertise of the WSI network to recommend and deliver a strategy based on your individual business needs and and your budget.

From Digital Strategy Blueprints to Google Ads, SEO to Facebook Ads, Google Business Profile to LinkedIn Selling Training, we help you to evaluate and implement the options that are right for you.

Our promise : If a service we offer isn’t realistically going to help you generate more business via your website, we won’t sell it to you.


If you need to build a new site, improve an existing one or extend your  ecommerce capabilities so you can sell more online

We will help you bring your website ideas to life



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Search Engine Optimisation

Make sure you get found when people are looking for businesses like yours online. This can be Local, on Google Maps, National or even on an International level.

We focus on getting you found by working on what your customers are searching for.


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Content Marketing

We create engaging and relevant content for your customers across website pages, blogs and articles and your social channels.

We will work with you to understand what will make your customers engage, like and trust you enough to buy from you.

Find out what we do

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Paid Search Advertising

We can give your website traffic and sales a boost with Google, Microsoft and Facebook Ads.

We get the right customers looking at your brand at the right time, in the right channel at the right cost.


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Outbound Digital Marketing

We use Email (still the best performing digital technique), and Marketing Automation to streamline our communications.

We help you choose the right CRM, set up your email campaigns or help you to build connections on LinkedIn

Find out what we do

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Do you want to develop your digital strategy, deliver a transformation project or secure ongoing advice.

We will be your guide through the forest of options, ideas and tactics that digital marketing offers.

We’ve lots of ideas e.g. could AI work for you?

Get Started

You have a vision. We can help make it happen.

Our Digital Advisors Approach

We are first and foremost business people – in our careers we’ve been directors of large retailers and B2B companies.

We therefore always start with a Free Assessment of your current position and possible actions.

Our first step will be to LISTEN to you, to understand what you already do, and how you describe your customers and your products.

The second step is for us to ANALYSE what we have heard and to use our experience and the power of the WSI network to see what we could do, and to build options for you that fit your needs

The next stage is to give you OPTIONS and IDEAS to get a fix on what you think of those ideas when given in context

The last step is for us to PROPOSE a solution to you that will normally have multiple options at various price points.

Now to be clear, up to this point this DOES NOT COST A PENNY

Our “listen and understand” approach means that we want to be sure your solution fits with your overall strategy, budget, company culture and capabilities

THEN IT GETS BETTER – we use the power and scale of the WSI network to deliver cost effective solutions for you

PLUS we have no technology to sell you – we will work out the best option for you and take it from there.

All our services start with a no-commitment chat about you and your business.

What Our Clients Say

New Digital Strategy

New Digital Strategy

Bisham Consulting is an independent supply chain consultancy firm, who deliver commercial, practical, operationally proven results for their clients in the UK and Ireland, Pan-European and around the World.

Bisham decided to take a purposeful approach in how they used digital channels to develop new business and approached WSIDA. Our first step as usual was to ask the experts - we surveyed their consultant base, and used that with our expertise to build a new digital communications strategy, develop a proof of concept campaign to demonstrate the techniques and developed a new skill set within the Bisham team to utilise digital comms going forward.

The learning process delivered a low risk path for Bisham to start to understand and leverage digital channels in a business area dominated by personal relationships.

“WSI Digital Advisors have been working with us for over a year on our Digital marketing. They are very knowledgeable, professional, creative and approachable and have developed a strategy that we are very happy with. We are now starting to see the real benefits of this strategy and would definitely recommend them to other companies." Caren Tomkins, Bisham Consulting

Visit Bisham's Site
Have a look and see what we could do for you.
Over 100% in Green Fee bookings

Over 100% increase in Green Fee bookings

West Middlesex Golf Club in London had a problem – the club had poor visibility in the area for new members looking for a club to join, and also for casual golfers looking for a place to play on any given weekend. They engaged WSI Digital Advisors to see if we could make a difference.

Our first step was to ask the experts - we surveyed the existing members about what changes were desirable for a golfer coming to a club, and used that to build a new website, we then put together a marketing plan using a combination of Google Ads and email marketing to help recruit new members and also to tactically bring in casual golfers when there were free tee-times. This allowed the club to move away from third party website dependence and cost. This has delivered more than 100% year on year uplift in green fees when used.

“It was great to work with Peter and the team who really listened to what we were trying to achieve online, and talked to us without any of the jargon." - Richard Piggott, General Manager

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Have a look and see what we could do for you.
From a Standing Start to their First Festival

From a Startup to their first Festival

In Early 2021, Polly and Becky had an idea for an LGBTQI events company and contacted WSI Digital Advisors for help. Within 8 weeks Out and About was live online and selling tickets through their site to events they set up across the UK.

Now in June 2022, they are running their first festival, Out and Wild! WSI Digital Advisors has built the site, and helped maximise online exposure, using Google and Facebook ad campaigns tactically alongside Polly and the team’s extensive use of social media.

Visit the Out and About Site
We can help you build your business quickly.
Generated Over 136 Million Brand Impressions

Generated Over 136 Million Brand Impressions

Sunsweet is a brand recognized around the globe, yet they were definitely struggling with brand consistency across their European markets. Partnering with WSI enabled them to skillfully overhaul their digital presence, bring unity across their website and social media campaigns, and exponentially increase their brand reach and generate conversion rates well beyond industry benchmarks. In fact, WSI’s work with Sunsweet earned them a WMA WebAward for the Food Industry Standard of Excellence category.

Learn Why Sunsweet is Happy
In less than 4 minutes, watch what we did for Sunsweet and how we could do the same for you.

You have a vision. We can help make it happen.

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Digital marketing best practices and ideas you can put into action.

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We use our business experience to talk about the digital landscape in business language. Our aim is to feel and act like part of your team delivering a plan that you have control of.


Our Experts Leverage global

We can tap into the collective brainpower of the WSI network, with experts and offices across the world, we’re on the global pulse of digital marketing.


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We may be an international company, but our digital strategies are designed with our Local Market in mind. It’s your strategy, for your market and local clientele.


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